Still Life

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Ginger pot

Duruta jugs

Turquoise, green & blue

Chemist's bottles

Indian bag

Glass jug and bowl



Love letter

Mdina glass

Wedgwood jug

Little bird

Mexican glasses

Red Vivace


Yellow Vivace

White and blue still life

Japanese bowl

Val's teacups




Japanese Anemone


Aynsley teacup 

Glass, water, Dish

Jugs, shell and shadows


Turquoise teapot

Bird and bull jugs

Blue Vivace

The hunt

Inkwell & bowl

Green Valzer

Mint tea

Diamond print

Oriental Teapot

Harvester jug

Feather collection




Coffee pot




Clarice Cliff and Goblin


White dish with necklaces


Morocan teapot


Still life basket


Reflected still life



The leaning tower



Olive oil & coffee pot



One green bottle


Wigstand at Saltram House


Cup, saucer & bag



The red dress

Jug, plant and blue bird

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