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Tate Muse





Hepworth's Garden, No1


Hepworth'S Garden, No2

Tate - flight


Window shopping, Penzance


Bath - shop windows

Window shopping, Bath

View from the Empire State


Newlyn, rope patterns


Newlyn, green water


Newlyn, light patterns


Newlyn red sail



Lost in Venice


Venice - shopping


Venice lagoon


Venetian boat

Venice bridge

Yellow boat

Venice reflections

Towards Calstock

Sea Pool

Plymouth 007


Plymouth water



Purple Wake




Reflected Clouds


Silver blue water


Tamar Explorer


Calstock Viaduct


Reflected Sly



Cornish Shrimper

Winter Rest

Antarctic Panorama



Peak Panorama



Turquoise, green

Ghost berg

Snowy peaks

Sharp peak


Cathedral berg


Turquoise berg


Paradise Bay ice cliffs


Green berg & cliffs

Empire state, street view

Venetian boat

Venetian gates

Gateway, Venice


Venitian windows


Reflection - Venice 2


Reflection - Venice


Venetian sunshine

Paris Metro

Waiting - Venice

Munich bus


Hotel Marconi



Boatyard in sunshine


Red & blue

Winter sun

Weir Quay Boatyard

Mooring lines


Morwellham reflections



Wake at Calstock


Green waters

Reed wake


Dark wake


Dark wood

Silver light

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